Ask your local collective to carry Jambo!

The #1 way we get into stores is through customer requests! Your 5 minute call can get us into your favorite place to shop easier than you can say conscious cannabis. It's fun and easy to call your collective to ask them to carry Jambo here is how to do it!

  1. Look up your local dispensary on Weed Maps
  2. Pick up the phone and give them a call, if they don't pick up leave a message
  3. Say something like "Hey I really love your shop and eating healthy I'd buy a metric ton of edibles if you carried Jambo Superfoods!"

    Thank them and continue on with your day

It's so simple a D.A.R.E. officer could do it! Plus bud-tenders are fun to talk to so pick up that phone and help our grass-roots effort to spread the message about healthy intentional cannabis use!