Hello fellow revolutionary!

Thank you for joining the Jambo Superfoods family and helping us bring healthy, delicious, bad ass cannabis alternatives to the world!

We made this page to provide guidelines to help you get started, below you will find information on how to contact us, when to submit orders and ideas of how to make beautiful, value added posts to your social media channels that your fans will love.

Thank you for supporting us, we look forward to supporting you! Everybody wins!


Please send us the following items:

  1. Your signed and dated contract.
  2. A head shot of high quality. Examples here.
  3. A short 1 paragraph bio.
    1. Make sure to talk about what you have done, what you are doing now and a way readers can help support you and your projects. Your website or other information that can help people find you. Examples here.
  4. Your t-shirt size.
    1. T-shirt color preference (light, dark, bright colors or no preference)
    2. Tank or T preference. Gotta show off those guns right?
  5. You first months order.


Your product budget is for retail priced products and does not include any discounts or promotions.

Place your order between the 1st - 10th of each month by emailing Shannon(At)Jambosuperfoods(dot)com with the email subject line SPONSORED ORDER REQUEST

Please ensure your order is at or under your monthly budget. If it is over budget we reserve the right to amend your order without notification to ensure fast processing. Double check your math, Shannon hates having to do the maths.


We provide one shirt to each affiliate free of charge, additional swag can be ordered as part of your monthly product stipend. If you have an awesome idea for new swag let us know! We consider you a part of our creative team.


We will try to ship your order as soon as possible! Once in a while we may be delayed if your order has not shipped by the 20th of the month please notify Shannon and she will follow up.


Content is king, but publishing junky spammy content doesn't help anyone. We want your fans to get a lot of value out of your Jambo posts! Some people have a natural knack for creating beautiful, well written, organic feeling content and some don't, it's all good man we have some guidelines below to help you maximize your creative potential. These tips can be used for ALL of your content, not just product photos!

Now these are just guidelines! We want you to do you, be you, express you, and stay true to you!


Good composition can make an OK photo great! Here is an excellent video from famed travel photographer Steve McCurry who shot the National Geographic Afghani Girl

Here are a few popular composition styles for instagram

Top Down



3/4 side shot


Dead center


Great lighting is key, every amazing cookbook you ever drooled over used the magic of fabulous lighting. You can gain this super power too! Here are a few simple tips to help get your lighting game on lock.

  • Use natural light. Whether indoors or out, natural light will make your colors look the best. Diffused natural light is even better, light in a window filled room, under a large outdoor shaded area or a cloudy day will give the least amount of sharp contrast and avoid pesky shadows.
  • Avoid flash. Unless you're shooting a waifishly thin american aparrel model, flash is never a good idea. It creates glare, artificial colors, strong contrast and looks like a family photo your aunt Maude shot in the 80's. If you need flash maybe wait to take the photo until there is better lighting.
  • If you have to use artificial light, use a photo editing app to adjust the colors of your image. Florescent lights can make image look green and sickly, nobody likes that.

Look at these bad asses with their natural lighting ninja skills!

Keeping it all together. ?: @laurenlikes2flyy #purr #purrglass

A photo posted by purrglass (@purrglass) on

It may still feel like summer out there, but we're ready for the fall with new CVT Wool.

A photo posted by @vibramfivefingers on




Make sure your white balance is good! If your photo have a yellow blue or green tinge that means your white balance is off. Almost all photo editing apps have a "tint" function, use this to fix your white balance. When doing this your whites and black should appear neutral in color, you should not be able to see blue, green, red or yellow hues.

Great white balance

High five team...


Crappy white balance

Can't win'em all...

Jambo Girls Representing conscious cannabis at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Exposition at the LA Hotel Downtown!

A photo posted by Jambo Superfoods (@jambosuperfoods) on



There are many ways to make your photos have stand out personality, au natural, vintage, high contrast or monotone It's up to you! Here are some great examples of styled photos.

Au Natural
Staying true to the subjects natural color


Vintage add some sepia, it makes your beard look tougher

High Contrast / Saturated

Blast up your color and contrast to make your images look swole bro.



Get Faded

Go monotone and get that 'so hot right not' ethereal feel




There are many ways to include products in your photos, the only rule is to make your photos seem natural. What's the best way to do this? Take the photos as you use the products in your every day life! Simple right? We want you to post photos of the product becasue you love and use them in everyday life so while you're making your morning butter coffee snap a photo and tell your fans all about your morning routine, they wil love the insight into your self care routine.

Here are some great examples of people including products in their photos.


Be funny about it


Make a "my favorite things" composition


Show it in action

that's it! If you have any questions feel free to contact us! If you have idea on how we can make the program better or our guide better we would love to hear it!